The First Annual Femifesto

The key goal of the Femifesto is to encourage engagement from all citizens who do not have access to information on women’s rights and issues. We aim to provide specific goals for our government to follow that would dramatically improve the lives and safety of women, setting them out in a clear, comprehensive manner. Every policy suggestion that is enacted will be acknowledged on our website. We hope this will reward honest government action and deter from performative declarations in the heat of media discussions. We are non-partisan and have no preference for which party or person enacts the following changes, but we affirm that all representatives should support the uplifting of women.

The Femifesto marks the beginning of a new movement. This meant we were simply unable to give every women’s issue the full attention and consideration it deserves within this time. As the Femifesto will be released on an annual basis, we will continue shining light on the struggles women face, giving them the time and careful thought they require. We seek to collaborate with the public and other feminist movements on concerns that they feel strongly about, as we build upon this year’s foundation.

What is being addressed this year is only the beginning. There is no limit that should be put on the change we as a country can achieve. 


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