Mar 8, 2022

Femicide is the act of intentionally killing a female person, motivated solely by their gender. Femicide most often occurs in intimate or family relationships and a misogynist culture. It violates basic human rights, namely the right to life, liberty and personal security. We ultimately believe if the changes listed are enacted, there will be a significant reduction in gender-based deaths.

The issues we specifically wish to be addressed on this topic include:

1.  We call upon the Oireachtas to commit to passing the following legislation: 

While already expected, we demand that these bills are brought to a fully functional state by March 8th, 2023. 

2. Address Gender-Based Violence Perpetrators 

Responsibility should not fall on women to protect themselves, when instead preventative and rehabilitative measures should be taken by the State.

It is our State’s responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens. Releasing abusers without addressing their history of violence is a fundamental failure to all women.